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About the author:

Anne Carlson was raised in the suburbs of Washington D.C. where she worked as a paramedic.  She later studied education at George Mason University and organizational development at Johns Hopkins University.  She moved to the southwestern desert in 1992 with her husband, young daughter and 2 autistic sons. Her own childhood losses and loneliness had softened her heart to the emotional turmoil of adults and children. 

“It seemed to me there were a lot of troubled adults that carried unresolved grief from their childhood.  I wanted to find a way to help the little ones while they were still in childhood, before they grew up.”  Following the death of her husband, she began a search to find a means to comfort her own grieving children.  “We all want to know how to help the people we care about that are suffering.”

Anne is currently fighting breast cancer, but that has not kept her from writing to help heal broken hearts.