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- Build a memorial or monument
- Honor by writing, draw, paint, song, clay, crafts
- Draw in the dirt or sand
- Tell a story, write a script, a journal
- Create a memory item
      Using significant items or shop for an item
      Create a collection or collage
- Search for the perfect rock or memory item

Imagine putting your feelings into an item for storage.  The feelings and emotions are there when you want them, but can be parked for a period of time, for example when you go to work. 

HONOR THE LOSS             

- Tribute to what has been 
- Expressing appreciation for what was
- Expressing gratefulness,
- Acknowledgement the importance of what was lost
- Acknowledgement of the impact of the tragedy
- Acknowledgement of the consequences of the  loss             - Giving a voice to the past
- Telling a story of the loss
- Build something

- Plant a tree and nurture it
- Talk about an aspect of the past & its meaning to you